Implementation of non-isolated three-port converter with enhanced time response

Ramya Devasahayam, Godwin Immanuel


This paper is about a three port dc-dc converter with enhanced time response and high-voltage gain for stand-alone renewable power system applications. In this, the converter uses only three switches for controlling the flow of power and the two input sources share only one inductor. The inductor and a switched capacitor is used to produce high-voltage gain. This work proposes suitable controller for closed loop controlled high-gain three port dc-dc converter.  The converter can have a higher voltage gain for both low-voltage ports with lower turns ratio and a reasonable duty ratio. The conversion ratio of the converter is higher than other three-port converters. This converter is a good interface between DC-source and load.  The objective of this work is to improve time response of high gain dc-dc converter system using FLC and PI in closed loop. The three port high gain dc-dc converter using PI and FLC are investigated and their responses are compared in terms of settling time and steady state error. The simulation results indicate that FL controlled high gain dc-dc converter gives best time domain response. Prototype three port high gain dc-dc converter is fabricated and the experimental results are compared with the simulation results.

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