Fractional-order PID controller for permanent magnet DC motor based on PSO algorithm

Fadhil A. Hasan, Lina J. Rashad


This paper proposes the fractional-order proportional integral derivative (FOPID) controller, as a speed controller for permanent magnet direct current (PMDC) motor, instead of the traditional integer-order PID controller. The FOPID controller is the general form of the integer-order PID controllers, which found wide applications in all engineering fields. In this work a hybrid M-file and SIMULINK program is developed to simulate the overall system, the FOPID controller has five associated parameters. The optimum values of those parameters are found out by using particle swarm optimization technique. Simulation results show excellent command speeds tracking and superior dynamic response in conjunction with that of the integer-order PID controller. The proposed controller shows a high ability to overcome any external disturbance the system may be exposed; also, it performs a high degree of robustness to control the system in motoring and regenerative operating modes.

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