Novel nonlinear control structure for vector control of SPIM drive using BS_PCH

Ngoc Thuy Pham


This paper presents a novel structure combining the port-controlled Hamiltonian (PCH) and Backstepping (BS) nonlinear control for sensorless vector control of  the six phase induction motor (SPIM). The outer speed and flux loop controllers design is based on the BS technique using the integral tracking errors action to improve its robustness. It is different from the research performed on backstepping control with integral action before, the control law used in this proposal does not make the increase of the number of system state so as not increase the complexity of differential equations resolution. To enhance more the performance of SPIMD, PCH scheme is used in the inner current loop controllers. In this proposed PCH current controller, the stabilization of controller is achieved via system passivity. In particular, the interconnection and damping matrix functions of the port-controlled Hamiltonian system are shaped so that the physical (Hamiltonian) system structure is preserved at the closed-loop level and the closed-loop energy function is equal to the difference between the physical energy of the system and the energy supplied by the controller. The proposed control design is based on combination PCH and BS techniques improve significantly performance and robustness. The proposed sensorless speed control scheme is validated through Matlab-Simulink.

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