Modeling and simulation of forces applied to the horizontal axis wind turbine rotors by the vortex method coupled with the method of the blade element



This work focuses on the study of the forces applied to the rotors of horizontal axis wind turbines. The aerodynamics of a wind turbine is regulated by the flow around the rotor, where the prediction of air loads on the rotor blades in various operational conditions and its relationship with the structural dynamics of the rotor is crucial for design purposes. One of the most important challenges in the aerodynamics of wind turbines therefore to accurately predict the forces on the blade when the blade and the wake are modeled by different approaches such as the theory of the blade element (BEM) the vortex method and CFD method which involves solving the Navier-Stokes equations. In our article, the model is used for modeling and simulate the forces applied to the rotors of wind turbines horizontal axis use the application of the method of the blade element for modeling the rotor and the vortex method of free wake modeling in order to develop a model of the rotor, which can be used to study wind farms. This model is intended to speed up the calculation, guaranteeing a good representation of aerodynamic loads exerted by the flow of wind.

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