Development of smart online partial discharge monitoring system for medium voltage power cable

A. Z. Abdullah, M. Isa, M. N. K. H. Rohani, S. A. S. Jamalil, A. N. N. Abdullah, N. Azizan


This paper presents, the development of smart online partial discharge (PD) monitoring system for medium voltage (MV) underground power cable. PD monitoring is the highly efficient tool to monitor insulation degradation for high voltage (HV) equipment in order to avoid failures or breakdown. Selection of improved technology and performance of PD detection sensor, effective measurement technique and smart user friendly of graphical user interface (GUI) system are contributed towards the development of efficient monitoring system. This paper addresses three main aspects which are needed in completing the monitoring system. They are, the use of Rogowski coil (RC) as detection sensor, processing unit using Alterra board and integrated with GUI PD monitoring system for underground cable using LabVIEW. The monitoring system is compared to the conventional method with the PD signal used is measured from the real on-site measurement in order to analyse its performance. The analysis is performed in MATLAB and LabVIEW software’s environment and the maximum peak of PD signal is enabled to view using GUI which complete with the location information of PD source. Furthermore, this paper has contributed to solve the problem in selection the simplified and practical approach for PD sensor and monitoring system. In the perspective of automated condition monitoring, this smart online PD monitoring system provides a complete solution towards latest industrial revolutions

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