Optimal parameter estimation for a DC motor using genetic algorithm

Mohammad Soleimani Amiri, Mohd Faisal Ibrahim, Rizauddin Ramli


Estimating the parameters of a geared DC motor is crucial in terms of its non-linear features. In this paper, parameters of a geared DC motor are estimated genetically. Mathematical model of the DC motor is determined by Kirchhoff’s law and dynamic model of its shafts and gearbox. Parameters of the geared DC motor are initially estimated by MATLAB/SIMULINK. The estimated parameters are defined as initial values for Genetic Algorithm (GA) to minimize the error of the simulated and actual angular trajectory captured by an encoder. The optimal estimated model of the geared DC motor is validated by different voltages as the input of the actual DC motor and its mathematical model. The results and numerical analysis illustrate it can be ascertained that GA is appropriate to estimate the parameters of platforms with non linear characteristics.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v11.i2.pp%25p
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