Fundamental elements of constant volt/hertz induction motor drives

Siti Nursyuhada Mahsahirun, Nik Rumzi Nik Idris, Zulkifli Md. Yusof, Tole Sutikno


An induction motor (IM) has been the workhorse of the industry for decades. It is due to its robustness, simple construction, requiring less maintenance and cheap. One of the most widely adopted IM drive control schemes for industrial applications is the open-loop constant V/Hz. In this paper, the important elements of an open-loop constant V/Hz drives are presented. These include the fundamental concept of a constant V/Hz scheme, the voltage source inverter (VSI) and its modulation schemes. Techniques that are commonly used to solve problems of low-speed operation and rotor speed regulation are briefly described. Simulations using Matlab/SIMULINK package are used to help in illustrating these fundamental concepts. Finally, simple laboratory-scale experiments are conducted to implement the constant V/Hz control scheme on a ¼ hp induction motor. This paper is aimed to provide an intuitive discussion for practicing engineers who are interested in attaining the concepts of a constant V/Hz IM drive.

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