Decrystallization with high current pulses technique for capacity restoration of industrial nickel-cadmium battery

M. P. Martin, Asmarashid Ponniran, R. A. Rahman, N. S. M. Ibrahim, A. Eahambram, M. H. Aziz, A. M. Yassin


The process of crystallization occurred due to the process of charging and discharging during the usage of the Nickel-Cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery where crystalline formed on the surface of the battery plate. This situation causes the impedance of the Ni-Cd battery increased and contribute to the increment of the battery temperature and battery impedance. High battery temperature will cause the performance of Ni-Cd battery deteriorates. Therefore, this study is investigated on the performance of industrial Ni-Cd battery during the process of crystallization and de-crystallization with high current pulses. By this technique, it is capable to break the formed crystalline to recover back the capacity loss and enhanced the performance of Ni-Cd battery. Therefore, the study results shown that the life cycles and capacity of the Ni-Cd battery increased up to 41% of its capacity after the de-crystallization take place by injecting high current pulses. Consequently, the life span of the Nickel-Cadmium battery enhanced, and the battery is revived.

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