Investigation of energy efficiency of two-way relay-assisted multi-band machine-to-machine communications

Hoang Thien Van, Vo Tien Anh, Danh Hong Le, Quoc-Phu Ma, Hoang-Sy Nguyen


In this paper, we improve the uplink energy efficiency (EE) of the multi-band Machine-to-Machine communications underlaying cellular networks. In particular, based on the theory of stochastic geometry, we derive the closed-form expressions of the outage probability (OP), and the average energy efficiency of cellular and Machine-to-Machine users in two-way cooperative relaying networks with three-time-slot setting. We ensure the Quality of Service (QoS) by considering the OP and the average energy efficiency of all links. It is concluded that the three-time-slot relay-aided Machine-to-Machine communication can offer considerably high QoS and low transmission power for fairly distant Machine-to-Machine networks.



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