Experimental investigation of the performance of a solar dryer integrated with solid desiccant coloums using water based solar collector for medicinal herb

M. Yahya, R. Hasibuan, R. Sundari, K. Sopian


This study is concerned with the performance analyses on solar dryer integrated with solid desiccant coloums using water based solar collector. The dryer consist of a solar water collector, two solid desiccant coloums, a water storage tank, two water-air heat exchanger, an auxiliary air heater, and a drying chamber. The dryer decreased the moisture content of Centella Asiatica L from 88.3% wet basis to 15.9% wet basis within 12 hours, with an air velocity of 3.25 m/s at an average temperature of 45.4°C and average relative humidity of 25.8%. The moisture evaporation rate and the specific moisture extraction rate varied from 0.001kg/h to 1.762 kg/h and 0.02 kg/kWh to 0.482 kg/kWh, with average values of 0.594 kg/h and 0.169 kg/kWh, respectively. The dryer thermal efficiency varied from 0.62% to 30.4%, with average value of 15.4%. The energy used for moisture evaporation and total energy input to the drying system  varied from 26.9 W to 1132.2 W and 3638.0 W to 4329.7 W, with average values of 601.8 W and 3967.4 W. The solar collector efficiency and the effectiveness of heat exchanger  varied from 38.1% to 50.5% and 65.1% to 79.7%, with average values of 45.0% and 73.0%, respectively. The result shows that the dryer is suitable for drying Centella Asiatica L because of the low drying air temperature and  high moisture evaporation rate.

DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v12.i2.pp%25p


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