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Vol 7, No 3: September 2016 A new Backstepping Sliding Mode Controller applied to a DC-DC Boost Converter Abstract   PDF
Yosra Massaoudi, Dorsaf Elleuch, Jean Paul Gaubert, Driss Mehdi, Tarak Damak
Vol 8, No 1: March 2017 A New Compensation Control Strategy for Grid-connected Wind Turbine and Fuel Cell Inverters in a Microgrid Abstract   PDF
A. Naderipour, A. A. Mohd Zin, M. H. Habibuddin, M. Moradi, M. Miveh, H. N. Afrouzi
Vol 6, No 1: March 2015 A New Control Method for Grid-Connected PV System Based on Quasi-Z-Source Cascaded Multilevel Inverter Using Evolutionary Algorithm Abstract   PDF
Hamid Reza Mohammadi, Ali Akhavan
Vol 3, No 2: June 2013 A New FOC Approach of Induction Motor Drive Using DTC Strategy for the Minimization of CMV Abstract   PDF
Kola Satya Narayana, P. Surekha, P.Vijaya Prasuna
Vol 11, No 2: June 2020 A new gate drive for a single-phase matrix converter Abstract   PDF
Rahimi Baharom, Nor Farahaida Abdul Rahman, Muhamad Nabil Hidayat, Khairul Safuan Muhammad, Mohammad Nawawi Seroji, Nor Zaihar Yahaya
Vol 10, No 3: September 2019 A new high performance variable step size perturb-and-observe MPPT algorithm for photovoltaic system Abstract   PDF
Khadidja Saidi, Mountassar Maamoun, M’hamed Bounekhla
Vol 8, No 3: September 2017 A new High Speed and Accurate FPGA-based Maximum Power Point Tracking Method for Photovoltaic Systems Abstract   PDF
Adnane Hassani, Mountassar Maamoun, Rezki Tadrist, Ali Nesba
Vol 6, No 1: March 2015 A New Multilevel Active Power Filter Using Switches Meticulously Controlled Abstract   PDF
Zoubir Zahzouh, Lakhdar Khochmane, Ali Haddouche
Vol 11, No 2: June 2020 A new multilevel DC-AC converter topology with reduced switch using multicarrier sinusoidal pulse width modulation Abstract   PDF
R. Palanisamy, S. Vidyasagar, V. Kalyanasundaram, D. Karthikeyan, K. Selvakumar, D. Selvabharathi, K. Vijayakumar
Vol 6, No 2: June 2015 A New Multilevel Inverter Structure For High-Power Applications using Multi-carrier PWM Switching Strategy Abstract   PDF
Rasoul Shalchi Alishah, Seyyed Hossein Hosseini
Vol 5, No 1: 2014 A New Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Number of Switches Abstract   PDF
Gnana Prakash, Balamurugan M, Umashankar S
Vol 11, No 4: December 2020 A New Multilevel Inverter with Reduced Switch Count for Renewable Power Applications Abstract
Surender Reddy Salkuti
Vol 9, No 1: March 2018 A New Photovoltaic Blocks Mutualization System For Micro-Grids Using An Arduino Board And Labview Abstract   PDF
Abdelkader Mezouari, Rachid Elgouri, Mohammed Alareqi, Khalid Mateur, Hamad Dahou, Laamari Hlou
Vol 9, No 2: June 2018 A New Seven Level Symmetrical Inverter with Reduced Switch Count Abstract   PDF
Thiyagarajan V., Somasundaram P.
Vol 9, No 1: March 2018 A New Small-Signal AC Model and Closed Loop Control of a Three-Phase Interleaved Boost Converter Abstract   PDF
H.V.Gururaja Rao, Karuna Mudliyar, R.C. Mala
Vol 11, No 4: December 2020 A new space vector modulation technique for quasi Z-source B4 inverter Abstract
Izni Mustafar, Naziha Ahmad Azli, Norjulia Mohamad Nordin
Vol 9, No 1: March 2018 A New strategy for on- line Droop adjustment for Microgrid connected DGs Abstract   PDF
Sathyaprabakaran B, Subrata Paul, Debashis Chatterjee
Vol 7, No 2: June 2016 A New Structure for Sen Transformer Using Three Winding Linear Transformer Abstract   PDF
Chia Lailypour, Murteza Farsadi
Vol 8, No 1: March 2017 A New Structure of Dynamic Voltage Restorer Based on Asymmetrical 􀄫-source Inverters to Compensate Voltage Disturbances in Power Distribution Networks Abstract   PDF
Mahmoud Zadehbagheri, Rahim Ildarabadi, Majid Baghaei Nejad, Tole Sutikno
Vol 9, No 1: March 2018 A New Structure of the Nine Level Inverter Used as Active Power Filter with a Reduced Number of Swiches Abstract   PDF
Fethi Chouaf, Salah Saad
Vol 10, No 2: June 2019 A nine-level hybrid current source inverter using common-emitter topology and inductor-cell Abstract   PDF
Suroso Suroso, Daru Tri Nugroho, Toshihiko Noguchi
Vol 11, No 4: December 2020 A non-linear control method for active magnetic bearings with bounded input and output Abstract
Lam Tung Nguyen
Vol 9, No 3: September 2018 A Novel Approach for grid integration of Cascaded H-bridge Multilevel Inverter Under Partial Shading Condition Abstract   PDF
Swetapadma Panigrahi, Amarnath Thakur
Vol 8, No 4: December 2017 A Novel Approach for Space Vector Based PWM Algorithm for Diode Clamped Three level VSI Fed Induction Motor Drive Abstract   PDF
Debanjan Roy, Madhu Singh, Tapas Roy
Vol 9, No 1: March 2018 A Novel Approach in Scheduling Of the Real- Time Tasks In Heterogeneous Multicore Processor with Fuzzy Logic Technique For Micro-grid Power Management Abstract   PDF
Lavanya Dhanesh, P. Murugesan
Vol 5, No 3: 2015 A Novel Approach of Position Estimation and Power Factor Corrector Converter Fed BLDC Motor Abstract   PDF
S. Kaliappan, R. Rajeswari
Vol 7, No 4: December 2016 A Novel Approach to GSA, GA and Wavelet Transform to Design Fuzzy Logic Controller for 1ϕ Multilevel Inverter Abstract   PDF
Varsha Singh, S. Gupta, S. Pattnaik, Aarti Goyal
Vol 9, No 1: March 2018 A Novel Control Strategy for Compensation of Voltage Quality Problem in AC Drives Abstract   PDF
Syed Suraya, P. Sujatha Sujatha, Bharat Kumar P
Vol 7, No 3: September 2016 A Novel Control Strategy of Indirect Matrix Converter Using Space Vector Modulation Abstract   PDF
Kuldeep Behera, Subrat Behera
Vol 9, No 4: December 2018 A Novel DC-AC Inverter Topology to Eliminate Leakage Current Abstract   PDF
Tarek Selmi, Maher Rezgui
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