Design analysis of 6Slot-5Pole HE-FSM with FEC in Radial Direction for HEV Drives

Siti Khalidah Rahimi, Md. Zarafi Ahmad, Mahyuzie Jenal, Syed Muhammad Naufal Syed Othman, Erwan Sulaiman


Permanent Magnet Flux Switching Machine (PMFSM) with additional excitation winding is an impressive brushless machine, which exhibits variable flux control capability and robust rotor structures since all windings housed in stator part that possible to apply for high-speed hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs). This kind of machine well known as Hybrid Excited-Flux Switching MachineHE-FSM (HE-FSM). However, most of previous HE-FSM having excitation winding in theta direction, in which have an issue of flux cancellation between PM and FEC flux source. In this paper, a new arrangement of excitation coil and iron flux bridges for 6Slot-5Pole HE-FSM with field excitation coil (FEC) in radial direction is proposed. The design has provides characteristics of improved flux regulation and torque generation. The machine performances such as flux-linkage, back-EMF waveforms, cogging torque, and flux regulation capability with different current density are evaluated using 2D finite element solver. The  results obtained shows that the proposed design motor provides higher output torque and  potentially to be applied in a high-speed HEV.


field excitation coil; hybrid electric vehicles; hybrid-excited flux switching machine; radial direction



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