Optimization of fractional order PI controller to regulate grid voltage connected photovoltaic system based on slap swarm algorithm

Ibrahim Altawil, Mohammad Awad Momani, Mahamood A. Al-Tahat, Raed Al Athamneh, Mohammed Adnan Al-Saadi, Zaid Albataineh


Problems with voltage and stability have arisen as a result of the dramatic development in renewable energy generating units, notably solar energy systems linked to low and medium voltage networks, and the influence of active loads that vary rapidly from time to time during the day. Because reactive power is directly proportional to voltage, its use to renewable energy producing units can only improve their efficiency. Better performance for these controllers is possible via the usage of several controller types. In this paper, we use a salp swarm optimization algorithm (SSA) to design fractional order proportional-integral (FO-PI) controllers, whose job it is to regulate the active and reactive power of solar inverters by compensating for the overvoltage and undervoltage presented by the inverters' ability to absorb and produce reactive power. After that, we compared the FO-PI controller's results to those of the standard PI controller. Grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system modeling and simulation were performed using the MATLAB/ Simulink modeling and simulation tools. After that, the full PV system was simulated in the most likely situations across a range of grid and weather conditions. We may infer from the simulation results that this model is credible, reliable, and applicable to the analysis of grid-connected PV systems.


fractional order controller; grid voltage; PI controller; PV system; salp swarm algorithm

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v14.i2.pp1184-1200


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