Hardware-in-the-loop simulator of wind turbine emulator using labview

Himani Himani, Navneet Sharma


This paper describes the design and implementation of Hardware in the Loop (HIL) system D.C. motor based wind turbine emulator for the condition monitoring of wind turbines. Operating the HIL system, it is feasible to replicate the actual operative conditions of wind turbines in a laboratory environment. This method simply and cost-effectively allows evaluating the software and hardware controlling the operation of the generator. This system has been implemented in the LabVIEW based programs by using Advantech- USB-4704-AE Data acquisition card. This paper describes all the components of the systems and their operations along with the control strategies of WTE such as Pitch control and MPPT. Experimental results of the developed simulator using the test rig are benchmarked with the previously verified WT test rigs developed at the Durham University and the University of Manchester in the UK by using the generated current spectra of the generator. Electric subassemblies are most vulnerable to damage in practice, generator-winding faults have been introduced and investigated using the terminal voltage. This wind turbine simulator can be analyzed or reconfigured for the condition monitoring without the requirement of actual WT’s.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v10.i2.pp971-986


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