Reduced-order observer for real-time implementation speed sensorless control of induction using RT-LAB software

Mansour Bechar, Abdeldjebar Hazzab, Mohamed Habbab, Pierre Sicard


In this paper, Reduced-Order Observer For Real-Time Implementation Speed Sensorless Control of Induction Using RT-LAB Softwareis presented. Speed estimation is performed through a reduced-order observer. The stability of the proposed observer is proved based on Lyapunov’s theorem. The model is initially built offline using Matlab/Simulink and implemented in real-time environment using RT-LAB package and an OP5600 digital simulator. RT-LAB configuration has two main subsystems master and console subsystems. These two subsystems were coordinated to achieve the real-time simulation. In order to verify the feasibility and effectiveness of proposed method, experimental results are presented over a wide speed range, including zero speed.

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