Performance analysis of LMS based control algorithm for power quality improvement in three phase grid connected system for linear/non-linear load

Mohmmad Ahmad, Sheeraz Kirmani


This paper presents the adaptive filtering based least mean square control
algorithm for distribution static compensator (DSTATCOM) in three-phase
grid tied system for linear/non-linear load, to solve the power quality
problems caused by solid-state equipment and devices. This is shown that the
active component weights obtained from the load currents in the LMS
adaptive filter are used to produce the reference currents and subsequently
produces the switching pulses for VSC of the compensator. The complete
circuit along with the adaptive technique and diode bridge rectifier type nonlinear load is simulated in Matlab/Simulink software. Initially the circuit was
simulated for a three phase linear inductive load. Later it was simulated for a
rectifier load connected at PCC with a disconnection of the load of any phase
for a short duration of time. It is concluded that the harmonics are found
within the limit. The harmonics and power results for both types of loads are
compared in a tabular form. Hence this three phase system with
DSTATCOM improves the power quality in the three-phase distribution
network therefore, serves to provide harmonics reduction, load balancing and
regulating the terminal voltage at the point of common coupling (PCC).

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