Track the maximum power of a photovoltaic to control a cascade five-level inverter a single-phase grid-connected with a fuzzy logic control

Arckarakit Chaithanakulwat


This research presents tracking the maximum power of a photovoltaic to control a five-level inverter, a cascade type connecting a single-phase grid-connected system with a fuzzy logic control model. Maximum power tracking control In this research, the principle of controlling the maximum current amplitude of the photovoltaic multiplied by the sine signal per unit that used as a reference current compared to the grid current. Signal comparison with the PID controller allows the creation of five levels of PWM of cascade control of five-level inverter connects single-phase grids. The results of the simulation test using the program MATLAB/Simulink to compare with the generated prototype found that the fuzzy logic principle was used to control the maximum power tracking conditions of the P&O method, when the amount of radiation light intensity decreases suddenly, making it possible to track the maximum power of the photovoltaic. Also, when the inverter connected to the grid by controlling the power angle to compare results between the simulation and the prototype — found that the current flowing into the grid increases according to the power angle control. Resulting in a nearby waveform, sine wave and an out of phase angle to the grid voltage because the system is in the inverter mode, and the harmonic spectrum of the grid currently has total harmonic distortion (THD) is reduced as an indication of the proposed system can be developed and applications.

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