Improvement of protection relay with a single phase autoreclosing mechanism based on artificial neural network

Zozan Saadallah Hussain, Ahmed J. Ali, Ahmed A. Allu, Rakan Khalil Antar


This paper presents a developed logical tripping scheme to improve conventional protection performance. Adaptive single pole auto reclosure (ASPAR) system is proposed that considers, automatically tripping and reclosing of a multi-shot independent pole technique of a circuit breaker at a predetermined sequence, which can be used to boost the synchronization of the power grid under the transient fault conditions. Moreover, the ASPAR can be utilized to enhance the electrical system stability and reliability at the same operating conditions. Based on the three-phase system, the Artificial neural network (ANN) in this work has been done in order to diagnose and detect healthy and faulted phases. The proposed ANN fault classifier method consists of the logic gates, router circuits, timers, and positive and negative sequence analyses circuit. In addition, it is used to give the ability to recognize a fault type, which by training on the sequence angle values and coordination of the transmission line. Three-phase overhead transmission line including the proposed ASPAR is built in MATLA \SIMULINK environment. Thus the performance ANN-fault classified is tested under different fault conditions. Simulation results show that the proposed ASPAR based on ANN is accurate and well performance. Whereas resultant tripping and reclosing signals of ASPAR are successfully provided that enhances the circuit breaker mechanism under these operating condition.

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