Design and implementation speed control system of DC Motor based on PID control and matlab simulink

Salman Jasim Hammoodi, Kareem Sayegh Flayyih, Ahmed Refaat Hamad


In this paper, we first write a description of the operation of DC motors taking into account which parameters the speed depends on thereof. The PID (Proportional-Integral-Derivative) controllers are then briefly described, and then applied to the motor speed control already described , that is, as an electronic controller (PID), which is often referred to as a DC motor. The closed loop speed control of a Brush DC motor is developed applying the well-known PID control algorithm. The objective of this work is to designed and simulate a new control system to keep the speed of the DC motor constant before variations of the load (disturbances), automatically depending to the PID controller. The system was designed and implementation by using MATLAB/SIMULINK and  DC motor.

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