Improvement of adaptive fuzzy control to adjust speed for a doubly fed induction motor drive (DFIM)

Dahhou Brahim, Bendjebbar Mokhtar, Lachtar Salah


This paper presents the doubly fed induction motor (DFIM) speed control using adaptive fuzzy logic PI (AFLPI) controller to give better dynamic performances. Before the advent of modern technology, integral proportional based current controller is usually used due to its simplicity. But, the performance of closed-loop control is largely influenced by this type of speed and torque controllers used, as long as the PI controllers suffer from tuning problem. To overcome the problem, a new technique AFLPI based speed controller for direct field oriented control fed DFIM to get fast speed response and to minimize the torque ripple. The application of this type of control is very satisfactory to replace the conventional PI controller and, even the fuzzy logic PI (FLPI) controller. The performance of the field oriented controlled DFIM drive has simulated at different operating conditions using the AFLPI controller and the obtained results are compared with FLPI controller and conventional PI controller. Accordingly, an improvement in dynamic and robustness is clearly appears in AFLPI controller simulation results compared to the others aforementioned controllers. Simulation Results are presented for the three techniques using Matlab/Simulink to prove the dynamic performances and robustness.

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