Design of fractional order controllers using constrained optimization and reference tracking method

Manoj D Patil, K. Vadirajacharya, Swapnil Khubalkar


In recent times, fractional order controllers are gaining more interest. There are several fractional order controllers are available in literature. Still, tuning of these controllers is one of the main issues which the control community is facing. In this paper, online tuning of five dierent fractional order controllers is discussed viz. tilted proportional-integral-derivative (T-PID) controller, fractional order proportional-integral (FO-PI) controller, fractional order proportional-derivative (FO-PD) controller, fractional order proportional-integral-derivative (FO-PID) controller. A reference tracking method is proposed for tuning of fractional order controllers. First order with dead time (FOWDT) system is used to check feasibility of the control strategy.

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