Model reference self-tuning fractional order PID control based on for a power system stabilizer

M. A. Abdel Ghany, Mohamed A. Shamseldin


This paper presents a novel approach of self-tuning for a Modified Fractional Order PID (MFOPID) depends on the Model Reference Adaptive System (MRAS). The proposed self-tuning controller is applied to Power System Stabilizer (PSS). Takaji-Sugeno (TS) fuzzy logic technique is used to construct the MFOPID controller. The objective of MRAS is to update the five parameters of Takaji-Sugeno Modified FOPID (TSMFOPID) controller online. For different operating points of PSS, MRAS is applied to investigate the effectiveness of proposed controllers. The harmony optimization technique used to obtain the optimal parameters of TSMFOPID controllers and MRAS parameters. For different operating points with different disturbance under parameters variations the simulation results are obtained. This is to show that Self-Tuning of TSMFOPID based on (MRAS) have better performance than the fixed parameters TSMOFOPID controller.

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