Experimental implementation PWM strategy for dual three-phase PMSM using 12-sector vector space decomposition applied on electric ship propulsion

Mhammed Hasoun, Aziz El Afia, Mohamed Khafallah, Karim Benkirane


The current paper aims at presenting and examining an implementation on a digital signal processor (DSP) of the conventional space vector pulse width modulation (CSVPWM) so as to control the dual three phase permanent magnet synchronous motors (DTP-PMSM) drives applied on electric ship propulsion. It is also an attempt to accomplish a developed control of this technique based on vector space decomposition (VSD) strategy. By this strategy, the analysis and the control of the machine are achieved in three two-dimensional orthogonal subspaces. Among the 12 voltage vectors having maximum, the conventional technique namely the adjacent two-vectors (12SA2V) is chosen. Thereby, the test platform allows the implementation of the chosen vectors which are modeled on MATLAB/Simulink using block diagrams and the automatically generated code which is targeted in the DSP card processor. Simulation and experimental results have exposed the efficiency of the proposed test bench of 5 KW prototype machine by using a low-cost TMS32F28379D.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v11.i4.pp1701-1710


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