Adaptive fuzzy sliding mode controller design for PMLSM position control

Khadidja Makhloufi, Ismail Khalil Bousserhane, Si Ahmed Zegnoun


We focus a modern methodology in this paper for adding the fuzzy logic control as well as sliding model control. This combination can enhance the MLS position control robustness and enhanced performance of it.In the start, for an application in an area to control the loops placement and position for the synchronous motor what has permanent magnetic linearity we tend to control the fuzzy sliding mode control. To resolve the chattering issues a designed controller is investigated and, in this way, steady state motion in sliding with higher accuracy is obtained. In this case, method of online tuning with the help of fuzzy logic is used in order to adjust the thickness of boundary layer and switching gains.For the suggested scheme technique, the outcomes of simulation suggest that with the classical SMC the accurate state and good dynamic performance is compared due to force chattering resistance, response by quick dynamic force and external disturbance elements and robustness against them.


Adaptive fuzzy sliding mode control; Chattering phenomenon; Indirect field-oriented control Sliding mode control; Permanent magnet linear synchronous motor

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