A non-linear control method for active magnetic bearings with bounded input and output

Danh Huy Nguyen, Lam Tung Nguyen, Duc Chinh Hoang


Magnetic bearing is well-known for its advantage of reducing friction in rotary machines and is placing conventional bearings where high-speed operations and cleanliness are essential. It can be shown that the AM is a nonlinear system due to the relation between the magnetic force and current/rotor displacement. In this paper, a mathematical model of a 4-DOF AMB supported by four dual electric magnets is presented. The control objective is placed in a view of control input saturation and output limitation that are meaningful aspect in practical applications. Backstepping algorithm based control strategy is then adopted in order to achieve the high dynamic performance of the bearing. The control is designed in such a way that it takes input and output constraints into account by flexibly using hyperbolic tangent and barrier Lyapunov functions. Informative simulation studies are carried out to understand the operations of the machine and evaluate the controller quality.

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v11.i4.pp2154-2163


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