System efficiency prediction of a 1kW capacity grid-tied photovoltaic inverter

Saurav Das, Dhiman Chowdhury, Md. Abdur Razzak


This article presents the system design and prediction performance of a 1kW capacity grid-tied photovoltaic inverter applicable for low or medium-voltage electrical distri-bution networks. System parameters, for instance, the longitude and latitude of the solar plant location, panel orientation, tilt and azimuth angle calculation, feasibility testing, optimal sizing of installment are analyzed in the model and the utility is sim-ulated precisely to construct an efficient solar power plant for residential applications. In this paper, meteorological data are computed to discuss the impact of environmen-tal variables. As regards ensuring reliability and sustenance, a simulation model of the system of interest is tested in the PVsyst software package. Simulation results yield that the optimum energy injected to the national grid from the solar plant, specific pro-duction, and performance ratio are 1676kWh/year, 1552kWh/kWp/year, and 79.29% respectively. Moreover, the predicted carbon footprint reduction is 23.467 tons during the 30 years lifetime of the system. Therefore, the performance assessments affirm the effectiveness of the proposed research.


Grid-tie; Inverter; Meteonorm; Photovoltaic; PVsyst; Renewable energy

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