The new approach minimizes harmonics in a single-phase three-level NPC 400 Hz converter for airplanes

Do Ngoc Quy, Do Ba Phu, Nguyen Kien Trung


This paper provides a new approach to reducing high-order harmonics in 400 Hz inverter using a three-level neutral-point clamped (NPC) converter. A voltage control loop using the harmonic compensation combined with NPC clamping diode control technology. The capacitor voltage imbalance also causes harmonics in the output voltage. For 400 Hz inverter, maintain a balanced voltage between the two input (direct current) (DC) capacitors is difficult because the pulse width modulation (PWM) modulation frequency ratio is low compared to the frequency of the output voltage. A method of determining the current flowing into the capacitor to control the voltage on the two balanced capacitors to ensure fast response reversal is also given in this paper. The combination of a high-harmonic resonator controller and a neutral-point voltage controller working together on the 400 Hz NPC inverter structure is given in this paper.


400 Hz inverter; Balance neutral point; Minimize harmonics; NPC

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