Generator and grid side converter control for wind energy conversion system

Asma Tounsi, Hafedh Abid


This paper focuses on the modeling and control of a wind energy conversion chain using a permanent magnet synchronous machine. This system behaves a turbine, a generator, DC/DC and DC/AC power converters. These are connected on both sides to the DC bus, where the inverter is followed by a filter which is connected to the grid. In this paper, we have been used two types of controllers. For the stator side converter, we consider the Takagi-Sugeno approach where the parameters of controller have been computed by the theory of linear matrix inequalities. The stability synthesis has been checked using the Lyapunov theory. According to the grid side converter, the proportional integral controller is exploited to keep a constant voltage on the DC bus and control both types of powers. The simulation results demonstrate the robustness of the approach used.


DC bus; Generator side converter; Grid side inverter; Permanent magnet synchronous; Generator; Takagi-Sugeno; Wind energy conversion system



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