Artificial intelligent techniques based on direct torque control of induction machines

Mona Magdy, Salama Abu-Zaid, Mahmoud A. Elwany


The direct torque control (DTC) system, which is based on induction machine drive is a developed and simple control method. It allows high dynamic performance with very simple hysteresis control scheme; However, its disadvantages are high current, torque, and flux ripple. In this paper, DTC of induction machine drive has been improved by using the applications of artificial intelligence (AI) approaches to reduce the current, torque, and flux ripples and also get better performance of the machines. At the conclusion of this study, the outcomes of traditional DTC and artificial intelligent methods are compared. By the program MATLAB/SIMULINK, the modeling and simulation results of the DTC system for induction machine (IM) have been proposed.


Artificial neural networks; Direct torque control; Fuzzy logic control; Induction motor drive; Vector control

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