Short-term load forecasting of the distribution system using cuckoo search algorithm

Saroj Kumar Panda, Papia Ray, Debani Prasad Mishra, Surender Reddy Salkuti


For solving the different optimization problems, the cuckoo search is one of the best nature's inspired algorithms. It is an effective technique compare to other optimization methods. For this manuscript, we are using a back propagation neural network for the Xintai power plant consist of short-term electrical load forecasting. The limitation of back propagation is overcome by the cuckoo search algorithm. The function is used for cuckoo search is Gamma probability distribution and its result is compared with other possible cuckoo search methods. The mean average percentage error of Gamma cuckoo search is 0.123%, cuckoo search with Pareto based is 0.127% and Levy based cuckoo search is 0.407%. Other results of the cuckoo search are also found by a linear decreasing switching parameter with a mean average error is 0.344% and 0.389% of mean average error with the use of an exponentially increasing switching parameter. This improved cuckoo search algorithm brings good results in the predicted load which is very important for the Xintai power plant using short-term load forecasting.


artificial neural network; back propagation; cuckoo search; distribution system; optimization; short term load forecasting

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