Implementation of reduced induction machine fuzzy logic control based on dSPACE-1104 R&D controller board

Mohamed Moutchou, Atman Jbari, Younes Abouelmahjoub


In this paper, we present our contribution in Induction Machine control field. The control we designed is based on fuzzy logic theory, this choice is motivated by the fact that this technique of control is suitable for the control of systems characterized by its parameters uncertainties and variations. The proposed control is optimized by using a genetic algorithm for fuzzy logic controller (FLC) gains tuning and by a good choice of calculation techniques used in FLC. Three versions of IM fuzzy logic control were validated by simulation. After that in order to be able to experimentally implement this control on dSPACE-1104, we proposed an optimized and reduced structure of the control. The experimental results proof the effectiveness and the satisfied performance of the proposed IM fuzzy control.


dSPACE-1104; Fuzzy control; Implementation; Induction machine; Motor drive; Non-linear control

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