Comparison study of lead-acid and lithium-ıon batteries for solar photovoltaic applications

B. V. Rajanna, Malligunta Kiran Kumar


The battery energy storage systems are very essential for maintaining constant power supply when using solar photovoltaic systems for power generation. The viability and ability of battery energy storage systems are assessed based on battery usage in Solar Photovoltaic utility grid-connected systems. The power supply quality and reliability are improved by utilizing battery energy storage technologies in conjunction with solar photovoltaic systems. This paper presents a comparative analysis of Lead-Acid Storage battery and Lithium-ion battery banks connected to a utility grid. The battery mathematical model simulation study gives their performance characteristics of these batteries under grid-connected loads. Cost-benefit analysis of battery usage for determining the best battery suitable for solar photovoltaic system applications is also presented in this paper.


Battery energy storage system; Discharge-charge; Lead-acid battery; Lithium-ion battery; Solar pv utility grid system

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