Faults diagnosis in stator windings of high speed solid rotor induction motors using fuzzy neural network

Ahmed Thamer Radhi, Wael Hussein Zayer


The paper deals with faults diagnosis method proposed to detect the inter-turn and turn to earth short circuit in stator winding of three-phase high-speed solid rotor induction motors. This method based on negative sequence current of motor and fuzzy neural network algorithm. On the basis of analysis of 2-D electromagnet field in the solid rotor the rotor impedance has been derived to develop the solid rotor induction motor equivalent circuit. The motor equivalent circuit is simulated by MATLAB software to study and record the data for training and testing the proposed diagnosis method. The numerical results of proposed approach are evaluated using simulation of a three-phase high-speed solid-rotor induction motor of two-pole, 140 Hz. The results of simulation shows that the proposed diagnosis method is fast and efficient for detecting inter-turn and turn to earth faults in stator winding of high-speed solid-rotor induction motors with different faults conditions


Equivalent circuit, Fault diagnosis, Fuzzy neural network, Solid rotor, Stator winding turn fault

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v12.i1.pp597-611


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