Comparison between classical ‘P&O’ algorithm and FLC of MPPT for GPV under partial shading

Youcef Abdelaziz, Bouanane Abdelkrim, Merah Abdelkader


When the GPV is under partial shading, several peaks appear in the characteristic P-V, namely a GMP and one or more local maximums. The classical algorithm ‘P&O’ MPPT cannot converge on the GMP for low irradiation values and is trapped by tracking down a LMP so making the algorithm ineffective making the algorithm ineffective, in this case under 200 W/m². An alternative objective function is developed to optimize the performance of the FLC by selecting the appropriate gains using PSO. In this simulation the GPV is composed of one hundred modules grouped parallel series (10x10) and subjected to partial shading. The proposed FLC provides better performance for GMP tracking for the chosen shade configuration selected.


FLC; MPPT; P&O; PSO; Shading

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