Short and open circuit faults study in the PV system inverter

Mohammed Bouzidi, Abdelkader Harrouz, Tadj Mohammed, Smail Mansouri


The inverter is the principal part of the photovoltaic (PV) systems that assures the direct current/alternating current (DC/AC) conversion (PV array is connected directly to an inverter that converts the DC energy produced by the PV array into AC energy that is directly connected to the electric utility). In this paper, we present a simple method for detecting faults that occurred during the operation of the inverter. These types of faults or faults affect the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the photovoltaic system, especially the inverter, which is the main component responsible for the conversion. Hence, we have shown first the faults obtained in the case of the short circuit. Second, the open circuit failure is studied. The results demonstrate the efficacy of the proposed method. Good monitoring and detection of faults in the inverter can increase the system's reliability and decrease the undesirable faults that appeared in the PV system. The system behavior is tested under variable parameters and conditions using MATLAB/Simulink.


DC/DC converter; Inverter failure; Open circuit; PV system; Short circuit



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