Implementation of speed control of sensorless brushless DC motor drive using H-infinity controller with optimized weight filters

K. Vinida, Mariamma Chacko


The hardware implementation of sensorless brushless direct current motor drive incorporating H-infinity control strategy with optimized weights by particle swarm optimization in the speed control is carried out in this work. The methodology involved in the design of brushless direct current (BLDC) motor control with sensorless position detection technique, the design of H-infinity speed controller, steps involved in particle swarm optimization for optimizing coefficients of its weights and the hardware implementation is discussed in detail in this paper. Texas Instruments microcontroller board C2000 Delfino Launchpad LAUNCHXL F28377S and driver BOOSTXL DRV8301 are used for realization of the speed controller. The code is developed using C2000 hardware support package in MATLAB/SIMULINK platform. A comprehensive performance analysis is accomplished during starting of the motor and during the fast application and removal of load. This strategy is found to be robust resulting in faster load disturbance rejection and better reference speed tracking. The experimental results of the proposed strategy are compared with that of conventional proportional-integral (PI) controller. The time domain parameters are also compared. It is found that the proposed strategy exhibits better performance characteristics during transients and sudden disturbances in load.


BLDC motors; H-infinity; Particle swarm optimization weight selection; Speed control; Speed tracking

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