Small-signal analysis of a single-stage bridgeless boost half-bridge AC/DC converter with bidirectional switch

Mohamad Affan Bin Mohd Noh, Mohd Rodhi Bin Sahid, Thang Ka Fei, Ravi Lakshmanan


A small-signal analysis of a single-stage bridgeless boost half-bridge alternating current/direct current (AC/DC) Converter with bidirectional switches is performed using circuit averaging method. The comprehensive approach to develop the small signal model from the steady state analysis is discussed. The small-signal model is then simulated with MATLAB Simulink. The small-signal model is verified through the comparison of the bode-plot obtained from MATLAB Simulink and the simulated large signal model in piecewise linear electrical circuit simulation (PLECS). The mathematical model obtain from the small-signal analysis is then used to determine the proportional gain K_p and integral gain K_i. In addition, the switch large-signal model is developed by considering the current and voltage waveforms during load transients and steady-state conditions.


AC/DC converter; Boost-half bridge; Bridgeless; Power factor correction; Small-signal

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