Improving neural network using a sine tree-seed algorithm for tuning motor DC

Widi Aribowo, Bambang Suprianto, Joko Joko


A DC motor is applied to delicate speed and position in the industry. The stability and productivity of a system are keys for tuning of a DC motor speed. Stabilized speed is influenced by load sway and environmental factors. In this paper, a comparison study in diverse techniques to tune the speed of the DC motor with parameter uncertainties is showed. The research has discussed the application of the feed-forward neural network (FFNN) which is enhanced by a sine tree-seed algorithm (STSA). STSA is a hybrid method of the tree-seed algorithm (TSA) and Sine Cosine algorithm. The STSA method is aimed to improve TSA performance based on the sine cosine algorithm (SCA) method. A feed-forward neural network (FFNN) is popular and capable of nonlinear issues. The focus of the research is on the achievement speed of DC motor. In addition, the proposed method will be compared with proportional integral derivative (PID), FFNN, marine predator algorithm-feed-forward neural network (MPA-NN) and atom search algorithm-feed-forward neural network (ASO-NN). The performance of the speed from the proposed method has the best result. The settling time value of the proposed method is more stable than the PID method. The ITAE value of the STSA-NN method was 31.3% better than the PID method. Meanwhile, the ITSE value is 29.2% better than the PID method.


DC motor; Feed-forward neural network; Sine cosine algorithm; Sine tree-seed algorithm; Tree-seed algorithm

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