Performance of solar modules integrated with reflector

Jamil Al Asfar, Ahmad Sakhrieh, Waleed Al-Nayfeh, Ahmad Ghandoor


This study investigates experimentally the performance of two-dimensional solar tracking systems with reflector using commercial silicon based photovoltaic module, with open and closed loop control systems. Different reflector materials were also investigated. The experiments were performed at the Hashemite University campus in Zarqa at a latitude of 32⁰, in February and March. Photovoltaic output power and performance were analyzed. It was found that the modified photovoltaic module with mirror reflector generated the highest value of power, while the temperature reached a maximum value of 53 ̊ C. The modified module suggested in this study produced 5% more PV power than the two-dimensional solar tracking systems without reflector and produced 12.5% more PV power than the fixed PV module with 26⁰ tilt angle.


Closed loop; Control system; PV module; PV with reflectors; Solar tracking

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