Stator flux analysis effect based on the various speed and torque in DTC application using sector rotation strategy

Siti Azura Ahmad Tarusan, Auzani Jidin, Mohd Luqman Mohd Jamil


Poor regulation of stator flux at low operating speed becomes problematic to the conventional DTC. It is caused by a voltage drop produced by stator resistance, disturbing the controlling of stator flux in DTC. Various solutions are recommended as the fixed sector rotation strategy is one of the solutions. This strategy can shift the angle of the flux locus sector for reducing the droop of stator flux. Hence, an analysis is conducted in this paper for studying the stator flux droop effect based on the variation of speed and torque by using a fixed sector rotation strategy. The analysis is implemented by comparing the conventional method (without strategy) and the proposed method (with strategy). It is realized through the simulation (MATLAB/Simulink) and experimental setup (dSPACE board) that both perform the same result. It is concluded that the effect of stator flux droop has achieved an inverse linear relationship to the variation of speed and torque.



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