New bidirectional step-up DC-DC converter derived from buck-boost DC-DC converter

Ridha Dwi Nur Aditama, Naqita Ramadhani, Jihad Furqani, Arwindra Rizqiawan, Pekik Argo Dahono


This paper proposes a new bidirectional step-up DC-DC converter, namely modified buck-boost DC-DC converter. The proposed DC-DC converter was derived from the conventional buck-boost DC-DC converter. Output voltage expression of the proposed converter was derived by considering the voltage drops across inductors and switching devices. The results have shown that with the same parameter of input LC filter, proposed DC-DC converter has lower conduction losses. Moreover, the proposed DC-DC converter has lower rated voltage of filter capacitor than the conventional boost DC-DC converter which lead to cost efficiency. Finally, a scaled-down prototype of laboratory experiment was used to verify its theoretical analysis.


Buck-boost converter; DC-DC converter; Microgrid; Modified buck-boost; Step-up converter



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