Simplified cascade multiphase DC-DC power converter for low voltage high current applications: Part I --- Steady-state analysis

Anand Bannet Ganesen, Nungky Prameswari, Falah Kharisma Nuraziz, Arwindra Rizqiawan, Pekik Argo Dahono


This paper presents a new simplified cascade multiphase DC-DC buck power converter suited for low-voltage and high-current applications. Cascade connection enables very low voltage ratio without using very small duty cycles nor transformers. High-current with very low ripple content is achieved by using the multiphase technique. The proposed converter needs smaller number of components compared to conventional cascade multiphase DC-DC buck power converters. This paper also presents useful analysis of the proposed DC-DC buck power converter, with a method to optimize the phase and cascade number. Calculated and experimental results are included to verify the basic performances of the proposed DC-DC buck power converter.  


Buck; Cascade; DC-DC Converter; Large Current; Multiphase



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