Photovoltaic hybrid boost converter fed switched reluctance motor drive

Ravi Kiran Dasari, Godwin Immanuel Dharmaraj


Pollution from conventional transportation methods is a worrying factor. Electric vehicles are a viable option to reduce environmental pollution and to replace the conventional methods of using internal combustion (IC) engine based transportation system. Renewable source driven Electric vehicles (EV) opens up non-dependency on conventional energy sources. The renewable energy source (like photo-voltaic system) insists on the switch mode converter to augment its voltage range. This paper presents a Hybrid Boost switch mode DC-DC converter to increase the voltage range of the photovoltaic (PV) system. The wheels of electric vehicle are coupled to Switched Reluctance Motor. Closed-loop speed controlled SRM drives the wheels of EV. Asymmetrical converter feeds the excitation current to the coils of 6/4 pole current-controlled SRM. The proposed EV system is analyzed for fixed and variable torque with speed condition using MATLAB/SIMULINK software.


DC-DC converter; electrical vehicle; photovoltaic; speed drive; switched reluctance motor



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