Classification and direction discrimination of faults in transmission lines using 1D convolutional neural networks

Ahmed Thamer Radhi, Wael Hussein Zayer, Adel Manaa Dakhil


This paper presents a fast and accurate fault detection, classification and direction discrimination algorithm of transmission lines using one-dimensional convolutional neural networks (1D-CNNs) that have ingrained adaptive model to avoid the feature extraction difficulties and fault classification into one learning algorithm. A proposed algorithm is directly usable with raw data and this deletes the need of a discrete feature extraction method resulting in more effective protective system. The proposed approach based on the three-phase voltages and currents signals of one end at the relay location in the transmission line system are taken as input to the proposed 1D-CNN algorithm. A 132kV power transmission line is simulated by Matlab simulink to prepare the training and testing data for the proposed 1D-CNN algorithm. The testing accuracy of the proposed algorithm is compared with other two conventional methods which are neural network and fuzzy neural network. The results of test explain that the new proposed detection system is efficient and fast for classifying and direction discrimination of fault in transmission line with high accuracy as compared with other conventional methods under various conditions of faults.


1D-CNN; CNN; Fault classification; Fault detection; Transmission line



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