Prospect of renewable energy resources in Bangladesh

Mohammad Mafizur Rahman, Feroza Begum


The objective of this paper is to provide an overview of the current state of renewable energy resources in Bangladesh, as well as to examine various forms of renewable energies in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of how to address Bangladesh's power crisis issues in a sustainable manner. Electricity is currently the most useful kind of energy in Bangladesh. It has a substantial influence on a country's socioeconomic standing and living standards. Maintaining a stable source of energy at a cost that is affordable to everyone has been a constant battle for decades. Bangladesh is blessed with a wealth of natural resources. Bangladesh has a huge opportunity to accelerate its economic development while increasing energy access, livelihoods, and health for millions of people in a sustainable way due to the renewable energy system.


Renewable energy sources; Clean energies; Sustainability issues; Power generation; Power consumption

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