Roof top PV for charging the EV using hybrid GWO-CSA

Dhamodharan Selvaraj, Dhanalakshmi Rangasamy


In this paper, a novel idea of charging the vehicle on the go while using the solar panels on the roof of the vehicle is introduced. The use of electric vehicles has increased among people as the vehicles are affordable. Electric vehicle charging is one of the major problems faced by most manufacturers today. The PV panels take the energy from sunlight, and it can charge the vehicle battery. When the vehicle is moving on the road, the power extraction for charging may not be proper due to the partial shaded condition. To extract sufficient power for charging, a hybrid optimization algorithm has been introduced. In this paper, an electric vehicle model that uses the hybrid optimization algorithm of grey wolf optimization and cuckoo search algorithm (GWO-CSA) is developed and compared with the conventional particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. The extraction of maximum power and the performance of the vehicle are analysed using MATLAB/Simulink, and the simulation results are discussed. To test the effectiveness of the algorithm, it is compared with the other three algorithms.


Electric vehicle charging; Hybrid GWO-CSA; On the go charging; Partial Shaded Condition; PV panels

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