Adaptive robust control design to enhance smart grid power system stabilization using wind characteristics in Indonesia

Khamda Herbandono, Cuk Supriyadi Ali Nandar


This paper is interested to study power system stability in smart grid power system using wind characteristic in south of Yogyakarta, Indonesia. To overcome the intermittent of wind characteristics, this paper presents adaptive robust control design to enhance power system stabilization. The online identification system is used in this research, which updated whenever the estimated model mismatch exceeds predetermined bounds. Then genetic algorithm (GA) is applied to re-tune parameters controller based on the estimated model. The structure of controller is proportional integral (PI) controller due to the most applicable in industry, simple structure, low cost and high reliability. Robustness of controller is guaranteed by taking system uncertainties into consideration. The performance of the proposed controller has been carried out in a hybrid wind-diesel power system in comparison with previous work controller. Simulation results confirm that damping effect of the proposed controllers are much better that of the conventional controllers against various operating.


Adaptive control; PI controller; Power system stabilization; Robust control design; Smart grid; Wind power

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