Photovoltaic emulator using error adjustment fuzzy logic proportional-integral controller

Razman Ayop, Chee Wei Tan, Shahrin Md Ayob, Nik Din Muhamad, Jasrul Jamani Jamian, Zulkarnain Ahmad Noorden


The photovoltaic (PV) technology has been increasingly used in our energy generation. Therefore, it is essential to have a good PV testing facility during the development process. The PV emulator (PVE) is a voltage or current source that mimic the current-voltage characteristic as a PV module that requires proper control strategy to work. The resistance feedback method (RFM) control strategy has many good attributes, except the transient response, which is caused by the proportional-integral (PI) controller. This paper proposed a new fuzzy logic PI (FLPI) controller to improve the transient performance of the RFM PVE. It is based on the error adjustment method that founded on the transient state and load of the PVE. The performance of the proposed PVE is compared with the original PVE that used RFM with the PI controller. The finding of the research shows that the transient performance of the proposed PVE has improved 2.3 times compared to the original PVE without affecting its accuracy.


Buck converter; Fuzzy logic controller; Photovoltaic; Proportional-integral controller; Single diode model

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