Optimal power flow using archimedes optimizer algorithm

Mohammed Hamouda Ali, Ahmed. M. A. Soliman, Salah K. Elsayed


This article proposes a new metaheuristic algorithm called Archimedes optimization algorithm (AOA) for solving optimization problems of optimal power flow (OPF) utilizing the renewable energy sources (RES) for minimizing different single-objective and multi-objective functions based on minimization of fuel cost, power losses of transmission lines, emission and voltage profile improvement. Also, mathematical formulation of (OPF) is introduced by converting the function with multiple objectives based on price and weighting parameters into a single objective function. Also, the effect of optimal RES is merged into the OPF problem. Notably, optimal RES placement yields even more effective solution. AOA was inspired by an intriguing physical law known as Archimedes' Principle. To prove the effectiveness of the AOA proposed algorithm, it compared with different recent algorithms for solving the optimal power flow problems and testing them to one standard system of the IEEE30-bus test system. The superiority of the proposed AOA algorithm is proven also by applying them on the IEEE30-bus modified system with optimal allocation of renewable energy source (RES). The results demonstrate that the proposed algorithm is more successful and efficient than the other optimization methods in the title of resolving OPF problems.


Archimedes optimization algorithm; Metaheuristic algorithms; Multi-objective functions; Optimal power flow; Renewable energy source

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DOI: http://doi.org/10.11591/ijpeds.v13.i3.pp1390-1405


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