Implementation of fuzzy logic MPPT based on Arduino in small scale PV pumping system

Laaouad Mohamed, Guergazi Aicha


The performance of photovoltaic (PV) affected directly by climatic changes, The controller maintain maximum potential energy conversation to operate the pimping system at nominal conditions, fuzzy logic intelligent controllers are successfully suitable and applicable in engineering and applied science. The aim of this paper is present an experimental approach in Implementation of fuzzy logic maximum power point tracking (MPPT) with boost converter based on Arduino Mega micro-controller to maximize energy production in different weather condition applied to small scale pumping system for water and chemical fluid analyses in isolated area. The system is supplied by 20 (W) solar photovoltaic (PV) panel. This paper present a real-time MATLAB/Simulink fuzzy logic method controlling and monitoring MPPT application using an low cost Arduino Mega micro-controller combined with (LV25, LP55) sensors controlling boost converter interconnected with solar panel and plastic pump.


Arduino Mega boost converter; fuzzy logic; photovoltaic panel; pumping system

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